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Wine and Dine

We at River Crescent Resort truly believe that laughter is brightest where food is best. To make your holiday the best, our gourmet chefs at Earth n Planet, our multi cuisine restaurant , churn up the finest of vegetarian cuisine to entice the connoisseur in you. We also firmly believe that being in the top of nature and to become one with it gets easier by eating vegetarian food, albeit for a few days. Nothing will benefit human health and peace of mind as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. To transport you to higher levels of consciousness and cleanse your mind and body and also make your holiday doubtlessly monumental let us serve you the finest, most delectable vegan fare in town holidays ensure that leisure becomes a priority. Explorations, adventure, indulgent laziness, spending time with loved ones and letting you heart dance. Relax and let your hair down at our in house bar, Neptune De Bar, serving the choicest of international wine and spirits. A spread fit for you adroit and cultivated tastes.